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Dance of Dreams

Dance of Dreams is an earlier writing prompt that won runner up for the Tough and Dirty Newsletter http://toughanddirty.so-pink.org/index.html This prompt was based on the song “My Fix” by My Sunrise.

Katie dipped her toes in the ocean. Wisps of hair escaped from her ponytail falling into her face and she deemed her hair band useless. With a quick tug, she removed it and tossed it into the water. Behind her, music played. The luau was in full swing.
“Katie! Katie!”
She sighed as she heard Alice call out to her ending her self-imposed solitude. She didn’t answer hoping Alice would leave her alone. No such luck. In a matter of seconds, Alice had run from the party to the ocean shore.
“What are you doing out here? Come back to the party.” Alice tugged on her hand. “They are calling all the ladies on stage to learn how to hula dance to the fishing song.”
“It’s called the hukilau.”
“The fishing song. It’s called the hukilau.” Katie shrugged, disinterested. “That’s what they did last year. Remember, I’ve been here before.”
“Yeah you told me.” Alice ‘s voice slipped into the older sister scolding tone. “You picked at the food, had one too many drinks, cried at this very spot and returned to your hotel where you passed out. You only came because you had bought the ticket.” Her sister sighed heavily. “Please Katie. What better place to move on from Jimmy than a luau?”
Alice was right. The set up was very intimate like having a party in your backyard and the perfect way to meet new people. Nothing made her feel more like an ass than when Alice asked her, no, begged her to do something. Most times, Katie knew she was the one asking her sister for a favor. Alice spoiled her rotten.
“Fine.” She forced a smile, letting Alice pull her back to the party where the smell of the roasted pig wafted through the air and made her mouth water. Her stomach growled.
“Nuh uh.” Alice protested with a laugh. “You’re always hungry, you can grub on food later.”
Katie smiled, a real one this time. Her sister knew her too well.
They walked up on the stage and the hula girls showed the dance motion slowly but Katie wasn’t paying attention. A lot of women were also in the little space, eager to learn the dance, and they managed to separate her from Alice .
She loved Alice but she had no idea why she had agreed to take this trip with her sister. The last time she had been here was with Jimmy. Okay, Jimmy never made it to the luau but they had arrived in Hawaii together. He had a business meeting on Friday but he wanted her to come along for the whole weekend. Excited, she had bought tickets for a few sightseeing events and had hoped that the trip meant a proposal. How stupid she had been.
“Good job ladies.”
The host, a tall man with exceptionally white teeth, grinned as he clapped loudly. Katie blinked. Was it already over?
“Now I want you all to leave the stage in a single line. You see those men over there.” Katie peered at where he pointed. Right in front of the stage’s exit was a line of about twenty men. The kissing line, she remembered and groaned.
“Now as is custom, each man is going to kiss you ladies on the cheek with an Aloha greeting.”
The host’s words caused a round of squeals and loud chatter among the women. Never mind that they outnumbered the men by about fifty. Katie eyed the crowd of girls on the stage. She had planned to sneak off way before the dance was over but now she realized there was no way she could back out of the line without the host, the girls and the audience noticing.
She gulped, walking off the stage. She couldn’t even stall because she would hold up everyone else. Despite what Alice thought, she had no desire to be near any man let alone kiss him even if it was on the cheek.
The first man was old and balding with crows’ feet on his eyes. He reminded her of her grandfather. She smiled and kissed him on the cheek.
“Aloha.” He smiled back at her.
Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad.
The next kisses were to a couple of college guys. She put some distance between them as she leaned over to kiss their cheek. With free drinks being passed around, she did not want to be groped.
Guy number eight brought on a sudden attack of nerves. It would make sense if he reminded her of Jimmy but his features were like night to Jimmy’s day. Maybe that was a good thing. Jimmy’s angelic features hid a selfish and manipulative mature with a mean streak a mile deep.
“Do you want to ditch the line?”
She blinked. Guy eight had held out his hand to her. She could hear the mutterings of the women behind her. Again, her daydreaming had caused confusion.
She nodded, tentatively placing her hand on his and they walked out of the line. Just like that.
“You’re trouble.”
She muttered as he led her to the same stretch of water she had just left.
“Is that what you are looking for? Trouble?” He sounded unaffected but he was studying her intently, too intently.
She yanked her hand out of his grasp.
“I think I better go.”
He sighed. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. Stay please. I’m Cole.”
“Cole. Of course it is.” She shook her head, amused. His name would be Cole. Nothing said Cole better than coal black hair, with piercing eyes almost the same color.
“I’m glad you think my name suits me.” He chuckled, probably because she had spoken aloud. “And you are-?”
“Katie.” He repeated but somehow managed to make her name slur off his tongue. “Want to dance?”
The music from the luau had mellowed to a soft tone, almost sultry, maybe because the night was nearing an end.
She placed her fingers in his own and his other arm reached around her lightly on her waist.
“Okay?” His eyes watched her, the look strangely similar to the one her sister had given her earlier.
And she was. They moved slowly to the music and she felt comfortable. The moment could have lasted for minutes, it could have lasted for hours, she wasn’t sure but he pulled away.
With his fingertips, he touched her cheek.
“I’ve seen you before. Last year. I was here and you stumbled unto this same spot. Crying.”
She tensed but his other hand on her waist moved in a circular, calming motion. “It was obviously too private and I couldn’t intrude no matter how much I wanted to. It was crazy seeing you here again.” His fingertips moved to her lips, gently, barely brushing.
Trembling, she lifted her hand removing his fingers.
“I think-” She leaned closer. “I owe you a kiss.”
His lips curved up and she did just that. She sighed against his lips. This place that reminded her of heartbreak had become the setting for a beautiful moment- the dance of dreams.





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