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Back from the Cruise

Hey everyone,

So I’m back from the cruise. Whoop! Seven days flew by so quickly, too quickly. Here are some of the things that happened.

I took my laptop with me but I never once used it because using the internet on a cruise is crazy expensive 55cents a minute.

Besides, I didn’t get the chance to use it because I was never in the room.

Warning: The rooms are REALLY SMALL (unless you have a royal suite or something) and I was sharing with 2 other people. We bumped into each other all the time.

I figure the size is because they want most cruisers to get out of the rooms, spend time at different islands during the day (tours & beaches mostly) and go to the various activities happening on various decks at night. I was “out” (meaning the Night Club on 3rd Deck) every night. A huge feat but it didn’t mean I wasn’t still introverted. I love music. Dancing I’m not that good at and perhaps I’m a bit too self conscious to “do the Stanky Legg” lol

Then I participated in family feud (there were nine of my family members including cousins etc) on the trip. We lost but it was fun all the same and Karaoke…I think my ears bled from the people that participated in it.

P.S Make sure to have dramamine in case you get seasick. I felt awful the first few days.



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