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Writing a Series: The first book

When I started writing, we had an on and off relationship. It started out as enjoying the one sentence writing prompts during English class in secondary /high school, I had one hour to create an entire story that ended with "If I had known, I would never have picked up that bag" or something like that. Later on, I tried writing outside school. I wrote in a notebook and I'm pretty sure the longest story I wrote was twenty pages. Even at that, no one knew I wrote, not family (besides my younger sister we shared a room) or friends and I had no plans to tell them because being a writer wasn't something people aspired to do (only three professions exist-doctor, lawyer or engineer), and as a hobby well I was expected to focus on music, performing at school/concerts etc. I was certain that after I wrote my last creative writing essay in highschool, I wasn't going to write ever again.

I didn't write or have the urge to write (I still read a lot and I brushed it off as trying to create something like the books I loved) until my junior /3rd year in university.   During those three years in university, I had started  reading stories on fanfiction. net and then on fictionpress, reviewing many writers and developing a relationship with them although I wasn't writing anything. I don't know how it started but I had the idea for a story. I wrote the prologue and then outlined the rest of the story.

I decided I was going to make it a series and had a summary for all six books. I wrote the first book Road to Array, the second The Glen, and Mercenary of Morals the third. When I started to edit however, I realized I wasn't impressed with the first book. I liked the story but I hated the way I wrote it. Far too many point of views including minor characters. So I rewrote it cutting out a few characters. Still it didnt feel good enough. So in a desperate attempt to get it right on my third try,  I decided to change the plot altogether.

The problem with this though is I have two other books following this that depend on the first story and there is a lot to keep track of. Now I'm caught in a web were my first book sucks and I can't continue. Although the books in the series can stand alone, who is going to want to read a series if they can't get through the first book.



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