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20 Random Things

20. In  4th grade, I auditioned for the part of one of the 3 silly girls in Beauty and the Beast. If you don’t remember who they are, think of the girls wearing identical clothes that oohed over Gaston. Yeah, no one can see me in that role either which is why I didn’t get the part.

19. I can recite the entire poem Africa by David Diop even though I haven’t read it since the 4th grade. Courtesy of my English teacher.

18. I can easily divide my life into phases. I had my classics phase, acting phase, horror books phase and I also had my crochet phase. Yep. I crocheted hats, purses, blankets etc.

17 A lot of people don’t know I own contacts. My excuse is that I wear them on special occasions. The real reason is it just takes too long for me to put them on.

16. I like to organize. I like to organize even more when I’m stressed out and/or procrastinating. This is why my room is always in order, my bookshelf arranged and my clothes folded.

15 I was in a different extra-curricular type organization for each year of elementary school – drama, ballet, gymnastics, sewing, chess, karate- commitment phobia anyone?

14. I am slightly cross-eyed
13. I can play an instrument but I can’t sing

12 I would rather get on a plane than drive anywhere. Actually, I just don’t like driving and I’m going to hope to finally pass the driving test.

11. I’m terrified of heights

10 I love water and white water rafting. I went this summer and I want to go again

9 The essays that kids have to write about what they want to be when they grow up- I must have written an essay on every profession including lawyer, politician, engineer, author and surgeon. My surgeon phase lasted for 24 hours. I opened up my teddy bear and had no idea how to sew it back together

8 I’m getting my master’s in chemical engineering and I still want to be an author so 2 out of 5?

7. When I was thirteen, all I wanted was a leather miniskirt. I never got it.

6. I have cut my hair numerous times so that it is just below my ears. My last hair cut has it as short as a boy’s. When my hair is long it’s always in a ponytail

5. I like washing dishes…and ironing

4. I can cook but I don’t like to.

3. I love to travel. I have 2 maps on my wall. One of the world and the other of the U.S and tacks on the places I’ve visited. I haven’t been to south america, antartica or australia (i really wished i had been able to go to australia when i was in singapore) oh well there’s still time.

2. I hate clowns. Something to do with watching Stephen King’s IT when I was 4. Scarred me for life. Now, that I started watching the series Bones, I see myself shooting a clown just like Booth.

1. I hope to publish my books by 2014 (which would be the same time I get my PhD if i get into the program for next fall)



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