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Characters you love to hate

For the first time, it looks like I’m writing a main character that I don’t like much. She’s very ambitious, spoiled rotten and has been stuck in a on-off relationship for years because it doesn’t require much effort and it’s safe. Writing my NaNo novel in first person is probably not helping her case but what can I do. No editing right?

Have you written or read about MC that you can’t stand but keep reading anyway?


EDITED TO ADD 16th Jan 2014: A tv show character everyone hates- Joffrey from GoT. Ah I want to hone my craft like George R.R.Martin where every character brings out emotion in the audience



2 thoughts on “Characters you love to hate

  1. Yes! I’ve read a MC I didn’t like many times and I usually finish the book by flinging it across the room in frustration. Seriously, I think half the reason I bought a beanbag was so I could throw books that had irritated me and have somewhere soft for them to land (especially important if the book was borrowed!).

    I would suggest the way to deal with a character you don’t like is to be really committed to their impetus. So they’re not being mean for being mean’s sake.

    This whole not editing thing for NaNo is seriously freaking me out. I have no idea who my characters are!


    Posted by jess_star123 | November 3, 2010, 11:02 PM
    • Yeah I think not knowing who my character is is what led to this annoying frustrating MC situation. Good luck with figuring out your character too. We have to work hard not to hit backspace or delete, editing is for December…


      Posted by mdirvine | November 4, 2010, 4:08 AM

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