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If there’s one thing I like about living in Philadelphia, it’s being able to go see the shows. I never thought about shows and the like when I was in texas but I’ve always loved the classics.

Last year, I saw the production of Wicked. I also saw Phantom of the Opera (but not in Philly). A few hours ago, I saw Les Miserables. OUTSTANDING! I honestly don’t remember if I ever read it. The first half of it seemed eerily familiar so I must have. I read so many classics b/w the ages of 10-15 I’ve lost count. Although I have recently watched many of the movies yay BBC!

The Pennsylvania Ballet is going to perform Swan Lake in a few months. Now that I must see!   Speaking of Swans, has anyone seen Black Swan? A friend of mine wants to see it badly. I know the movie is going to be good but the preview gives me the chills. I almost want it to be something I watch whenever it’s on DVD as opposed to the theater. I haven’t seen a movie in ages.(Okay I saw Harry Potter and The Voyage of the Dawn Treader lol)

Any suggestions?



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