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Black Swan

I was thinking about Black Swan through the day and the fact that the main character whose point of view the story is told from is an unreliable narrator. Has anyone read books like that lately or written a story with one? I’m curious about the thought process behind choosing an unreliable narrator. When it works? When it doesn’t work?



One thought on “Black Swan

  1. I read The Murder of Roger Ackroyd ages ago pretty much because it’s one of the defining stories featuring an unreliable narrator. It was really interesting and I like stories like that where the unreliable narrator provides a twist. I’m less fond of those stories where the narrator has you wondering the whole time what’s real and what isn’t and you never get any resolution. I think only the most skilled authors can get away with that without it being seriously self-indulgent.

    For reasons I haven’t been able to clarify, I always write in first person and I think when you do that you always have to be wary of the narrator. It doesn’t lead to the dictionary definition of the unreliable narrator, but maybe ‘a narrator one must at least doubt slightly’ because you stray into the realm of opinion which is always subjective.


    Posted by jess_star123 | January 19, 2011, 9:59 PM

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