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Reflections: VHS Tapes

 I found a note book where I had written down all the vhs tapes I had in my bedroom in my parents' house the last time I was there. 
I remember wanting to write down all the books I had but I got discouraged by the sheer amount. I had at least 30 Nancy Drew books. Anyway here are some of the VHS tapes I found

 Star Wars – A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi
 10 things I hate about you
 She's all that
 Beautician and the Beast
 The Love Letter: hallmark movie
 All Dogs go to Heaven I and II
Karate Kid I-III, the New Karate Kid
 Annie 1981 version
 The Sword in the Stone
Snow White (I dont know which version this was but it wasnt animated)
Space Jam
So dear to my heart
Jungle Book

 Pinocchio with Jonathan Taylor Thomas (I crushed on him for a while)
The Rescuers & The Rescuers Down Under
 Aladdin, Return of Jafar & Prince of Thieves
 Disney's Robin Hood
 The Hunchback of Notre Dame
 Beauty and the Beast
Little Mermaid (my favorite disney movie as a child)/ Little Mermaid II
Anastasia (1956 movie and 1997 animated film)
 The Aristocats
 Disney's  Snow White
Sabrina The Teenage Witch the Movie (Melissa Joan Hart)
Liar Liar
Harriet the Spy
Father's Day
Baby's Day Out
Mortal Kombat (1995 )
Double Dragon (loved loved loved this movie)
The Swan Princess (ah Derek and Odette)
Tommy Boy
The Page Master (I dont think I ever understood this movie)
The video gallery- Swiss Family Robinson
The video gallery- Sleeping Beauty
When the Bough Breaks
The Mask
Street Fighter (1994)
Lion King I and II (I never liked the Lion King)
A troll in Central Park (aww I liked this one)
Superman Collection
Batman Forever
Three Ninjas Knuckle up
Gulliver's Travels
Christopher Columbus
Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Fin (1974) Treasure Island
Sleeping Beauty
Lady and the Tramp
Peter Pan
Cinderella plus Puss in Boots and Paul Bunyan (Family Classics)
The Mighty Thor, Enter Hercules (ooh I'm excited about the new Thor movie)
The Prince & The Pauper
Oliver Twist- George C. Scott/Tim Curry (1982)
Mr. T- Mystery of Golden Medallions
Tom & Jerry The Movie as well as lots of Tom/Jerry collections
Pinocchio & The Emperor of the Night (this one creeped me out)
Pirates of the Carribean

whew I'm sure that's not all of it.  I do remember when making this list a few years back that there are so many different animated versions (non-disney) of fairy tales.



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