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Emotions: The Bookshelf Muse

I've always struggled to write about emotions, mine or my characters. I write in male point of view mostly because when reading books I've always related better to the guy's reactions in various situations than the girl. Why? I have no idea. Although I've been described as reserved and with a need to control my emotions. Where am I going with this? I recently found a blog titled The Bookshelf Muse

"The Bookshelf Muse has a something new for your writer’s toolbox: an Emotion Thesaurus. Now, if you draw a blank on how to show your character’s emotion through a physical action (a beat), we can help. Each Thursday we will introduce new cardinal emotions to our thesaurus, offering you an ‘idea bank’ for the times when you get stuck. You can scroll through our lists in the sidebar, and see if one of our ideas sparks one of your own. At the bottom of the list you will see an Addendum to the Thesaurus, comprising of secondary/reactive emotions (loneliness, fatigue, pain, etc)."

There are other thesauruses- there's the  setting thesaurus, colors shapes and sizes, symbolism etc. 

It looks like a great tool especially for writer's block when you need one word to get things going again and for me it's a way to learn to dig deep into my characters emotions whether or not they (or I) find it uncomfortable.



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