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Finding Your Genre

Finding your Genre

I’m curious to know how people pick the genre they write in. Did they explore different genres and then realize “the one”? or do they write two genres with one under a different pen name?  How do you know whether you are writing the “right” genre for you?  I’ve always gravitated towards mystery- there may be small elements of romance in the story or none at all. When I do try to write something else, mystery or suspense somehow seeps in.

I want to try writing something else but it’s daunting because looking at my bookshelf, I see that the novels are mystery, crime, romantic suspense or just romance.

I just started to read YA now (even as a young adult I didn’t read YA books)  because many of the authors whose blogs I read are YA authors and I am intrigued about the many books they mention. I never got into Sci-Fi books, I’d rather watch Sci-Fi movies but I do enjoy fantasy-  Wind on Fire trilogy, The Dark Materials trilogy,  Abhorsen trilogy etc. but to write stories like these, to create a world, boggles my mind.

I know the most important bit is knowing the genre. Maybe a summer dedicated to reading a different genre might give me the push to try something new?



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