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In the beginning . . . a story about first chapters

I started writing again this weekend! It’s been too long since I sat down by my laptop and I spent most of the weekend, going over the different books I’d written- what was finished, what was stopped halfway, what should probably be discarded, and most importantly how do I reconnect with my characters after so long.

I started by reading through one of my completed works and then realizing I really need to work on revising my beginning chapters.

This post on writing the first chapter stood out to me.

In the beginning . . .

Here’s another one on what kind of first chapter writer are you.

When I’m not looking I tend to either fall into
1) the Show Stopper (prologues are evil, for me anyway, and I make it a point to avoid them. I write a crazy opening that I can never follow up)
2) the Party Animal (I start having too many minor characters, random POVs and why did I name someone who appeared in the story for a nanosecond!)

Any thoughts?



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