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City Library and Writing Meet-ups

I’m glad to say that this weekend has been all about reading and writing.  I’ve been frustrated for the past few weeks about not making friends or even seeing people outside of work since I moved (6 months by the end of march ) so I took a chance and created a profile on meetups.com

There’s a Shut Up and Write! Group where you meet a few people at a coffeehouse etc (somewhere public with free wi-fi and the outlets to plug in your laptop)- you socialize for 15 mins, write for 1 hour, then socialize or leave.

I didn’t expect to write anything.  I haven’t written a word in 6 months. Revisions and Editing Yes but new words nada.
Funny how it worked out, hearing people writing beside me had me writing as well. 500 words in an hour. Not much but a start!

Although it took me a half hour on a highway free of traffic going 65mph to get there so Im going to try for something closer next time. The closer locations to me have meetups that happen during the week. That will be tough considering my work hours but I’ll make it work.

Afterwards, I was feeling good, so I made a trip to the city library. I also havent read a book in 6 months O-O so I got these and I’m excited to get to reading them 🙂



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