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What are You Writing?

I spent the past few days playing around with the website- okay not exactly playing- trying to find a design that worked best for me and you. I created a section titled “My books” and am ashamed to say I had to search through my computer for a while to remember the summary of some of my books. At the end of it all, I came up with two things

  • Tracking my progress- I created a word meter (just like the one in NaNoWriMo) with 2 stories I plan to complete by the end of the summer.  That way, if I do go a few days without writing, I’ll be compelled to make my word meter move by 1%
  • Cutting myself some slack- I’m a perfectionist/control freak (= engineer) and I also tend to find several projects to work on for self-improvement in different aspects of my life (in other words I think too much). While browsing through old files, I found comments and reviews from readers and critique partners, and realized I’d almost forgotten that writing is fun too! 

So dear friends,

  1.  What you are writing right now? – Share title, genre, summary
  2. What do you do when stress sucks fun out of writing?





2 thoughts on “What are You Writing?

  1. Hello there!

    I know what you mean! I’m constantly changing things & adding to my blog but it never seems to be good enough-at least not to me. I also find myself working on too many projects at once. It’s hard to finish, which is a drag!

    Right now I’m working on 3 different things:

    1) “Shepherd’s Calling”- a thriller/an indie screenplay about a young man’s obsession with a girl, that dances at his mom’s studio. He eventually ends up being a stalker which is a challenge for because well…I’m not a stalker. (whew)

    2) “Dead Man’s______” (Still working on the title)- a dark comedy play about Henry, who has just walked into the afterlife’s offices after being dead for 30 years without knowing it. He has been thrown into a alter reality & has to decide where he is goes from there. Does he goes to heaven? Does stay for the after party or does he find out how he ended up dead in the first place? I introduce some famous dead people & all forms of comedy to keep it interesting-at least I think so.

    3) I’m also submitting poetry for NEAT mag. (Midwestern Magazine). They want poems/photography/short stories/flash fiction about “madness” which is very vague but it has a lot of room for experimentation, which I love. I have a lot of dream poems that I might put in but they need some work because even I don’t know what they are about. Here’s their link if anyone is interested: http://neatmag.wordpress.com/

    As far as what do I do when stress gets me down, I just take a step back & think of it. Why did I choose this as a hobby or career in the first place? What made it fun to begin with? Then I just go from there…for me, writing poetry is fun. If someone is making me write traditional poetry, I switch gears & write free verse instead. It’s important to always remember what & why you fell in love with writing in the first place & if you can’t answer those questions then its time to move on to something else that makes you happy.

    Now that I just exploded on your comments section…I hope that helped or inspired you to continue writing! I find that talking to other writers helps tremendously! Good luck & happy blogging!



    Posted by saralizomg1709 | April 20, 2014, 2:04 AM
  2. Hey SaraLiz, thanks for commenting. Your two screenplays sound pretty intense and thrilling- a stalker and a dead man’s quest. Thanks for great advice, stepping back to remember why I enjoy writing in the first place. I hadn’t heard of NEAT Mag, I don’t write poetry but I know people who do and they’ll appreciate the link,


    Posted by mdirvine | April 20, 2014, 10:14 PM

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