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2 weeks ago I posted about Writing Felonies and what I’d learned with time and research about the things I did wrong. Today’s post is the opposite of that.  What skills are you most proud of, what makes you special? Is it your

  • World building skills
  • Vivid imagery/descriptions
  • Unique characters
  • Voice
  • Point of views
  • Ability to write tear-jerkers
  • Ability to write in more than one genre
  • Hobbies and interests that bring a certain main character to life
  • Real-life experiences you bring to the genre you write in because of your profession (Example: Lee Lofland, author of crime fiction and the blog The Graveyard Shift, is a veteran police investigator)
  • Real-life experiences you bring to the genre you write in because of your life (Example: A highschool teacher writing YA or a mom with three teenagers writing YA)

Remember the things that make you special, these things that give you confidence in yourself and your writing.  Think of it as your sales pitch, as the “tell me about yourself” interview question. You HAVE to know what makes you STAND OUT.

It is normal  to constantly doubt yourself, to feel insecure ( Imposter Syndrome) especially on the road to publication without that published book for external validation. After all, we write for our readers and ourselves.

So tell me, what makes your writing special?



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