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My last post was at the end of June, I took a vacation through July, got back in August and been settling back in. I read this post on publication opportunities in different countries and figured it was a good place for a first post after a hiatus.

Aeroprogramme Writers’ Studios- 18 Countries, 18 Publication Opportunities

Also, see Opportunities for Writers- September and October 2014

On another note, here are two shows I saw when away

My Favorite Songs-

Lastly, “Never judge a book by its movie.” (J.W.Eagan) .

There are so many movies that disappoint the readers of the book, or movies that after watching I have no intention of reading the book. Sad right?

There’s been a tv show adaption of my favorite book and I’m greatly impressed by it and I think it might get the book new readers.  Out of all my favorite books, Outlander is the most difficult to describe [ I can’t say the trailer does it justice either].  It has history, time-travel, romance, action… the author Diana Gabaldon talks a lot about how hard it was to place the book in a certain genre for publishing.  Now, 20 years later, soon after the eight book in the series was released, here it is on screen…




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