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Too Young to Watch- Movies I can’t Forget

Maybe it’s because halloween is coming up but I started to think back to movies that made an impression on me because I was too young in my opinion to watch them.

They scarred me for sure. Now I didn’t remember the names of the movies, I had to go searching for them, but the scenes that were imprinted in my mind were.

The paper boat falls into the drain


The Hat Blowing off In The Wind 


Sitting on the tractor, grabbing the hat on a branch


Needless to say, I have no love for rural life or circuses.

What movies/movie scenes are imprinted in your mind because you were too young to watch them



One thought on “Too Young to Watch- Movies I can’t Forget

  1. Without a doubt Nightmare on Elm Street. Watched it when I was about 10, left me scared to go to sleep. Also, Independence Day!


    Posted by katied101 | October 5, 2015, 7:08 PM

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