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2015 Recap

Reading Sammy Bina‘s (check out her blog Run, Sammy Run) 2015 Favorites post which she followed up with a Picture Review  of the Year(I’m just not that good with pictures),  I figured I’d sit down and take stock of 2015 favorites and put together  my 2016 Mission 101 list (also a Sammy inspiration).

So here goes:

  1. I celebrated New Year 2015 in London, England.
  2.  Visits: Miami and alma matter visits (undergrad-first time in 6 years and grad- first time in 4 years: please don’t use this to calculate my age!)
  3. Youtube: Vlog Brothers
  4. Writing Blogs: Operation Awesome and PubCrawl
  5. Podcast: Serial (I wanted to fling something every episode, it evoked a lot of emotions)
  6. Song: Rachel Platten Fight Song

7.  Album: Been listening to Adele 25 album everyday since I got it

8. Book(s): Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, Skinny by Donna Cooper,  Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa (it’s been on my to read list for ages,  anything by Harlan Coben,

9. Best Re-read(s): RED by Erica Spindler, No one to Trust by Iris Johansen


10. Read 56 books this year, and have 1000s on my to read list on Goodreads. It was a slow reading year for me. I’ve always been a speed reader and on a stay-at-home day I’d easily go through 3 books. Also 50 is an underestimate, there are a lot of books I read that I forget to mark as read on Goodreads. The number is likely closer to a 100

11. TV series : Outlander!  Agents of Shield (caught up on that), Heroes Reborn (yea yea I chose to see it as a completely different series from Heroes or I’ll get frustrated)

12. British TV series: Poldark , Sherlock

13. TV shows I can’t wait for to come back this year: The 100 and Outlander (yes the series and characters have lived in my mind for years)

14 Didn’t see any concerts/performing art shows in 2015 but I did find this on youtube (Instrumental cover)

and I have a Lindsey Stirling song as my ringtone (More Instrumentals)

15. Tea: At some point I had 10 different flavors of STASH Tea

16. Snack: Raisins and cashew nuts

17. Something I hadn’t tried in a while: Almond butter. I also tried apple butter which was kind of like smooth jam with a hint of apples. Undecided

18.  Used Uber and learned about Lyft

19 Non Writing News: Chemical & Engineering News, Mind Tools,  McKinsey Insights  and Lux Research Webinars

20 Random things I’m excited for in 2016. Final Fantasy VII remake and Captain America Civil War

Oh I have a whole lot of memories tied to FFVII, first game I played on PS way back when, (and other games in the series) so I gushed all over this trailer.

I only watched the first two movies this year. I know, my to-watch movie list is long, thankfully not as long as my to-read list. So excited for 3rd part.

Alright, that’s 20 things from 2015. On to Mission 101 and I am ready for the New Year



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