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Fictionpress:Savannah J Foley

The New Year is always full of reflection and I was thinking back on when I first created a blog (RookieWriter  in June 2009)

I  created a blog on LiveJournal but had no intention of blogging at the time. I joined LJ to follow a group of writers from FictionPress who were leaving the site due to plagiarism issues and were creating a moderated community on LiveJournal (PlagiarismHaven).

Other Fictionpress writers (outside PlagiarismHaven) also had LJ blogs  I started following (that inspired me especially when I was missing the way FP used to be)

So today I’m remembering *Drumroll* Savannah J. Foley

She also blogs at Pub Crawl  (formerly Let the Words Flow)

Here are 3 of my fave posts of hers

  1.  Things I’ve learned after 9.5 years of writing
  2. Querying Memories
  3. What It Feels like to be Really, Really Tall

So, I don’t have to say here that I’m tall right?




2 thoughts on “Fictionpress:Savannah J Foley

  1. That’s me! I got a pingback on one of my blog posts, which is how I found you. Thank you so much for remembering me today 🙂

    It’s ironic you posted this, as just last night I was reviewing my blog and culling it for fluffdates or other not-on-topic posts. I ran across some of those articles you mentioned and it made me wax nostalgic for LTWF. I’ve been terrible about creating new articles the past few years… I was just thinking to myself I need to plan out a few articles for 2016.

    Thanks again – it’s so nice to be remembered ❤


    Posted by Savannah J Foley (@savannahjfoley) | January 8, 2016, 6:41 PM
    • Hey! Thanks so much for commenting. I was definitely remembering how much things have changed past few years. It’s OK about not creating as many articles. I’m sure you were working on other things. On the flip side I’ve been blogging more and writing less.
      Anyway You are very welcome.


      Posted by midee | January 8, 2016, 7:47 PM

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