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All Daniel Tanner wants to do is prove his worth. A rookie detective at the NYPD, he is finally given the chance with his first undercover assignment. However, things don’t go as planned and the case that was supposed to make his career destroys it. His chance for redemption lies in solving a cold case in rural Array, Kentucky. Array is the hometown he swore never to return to. The case is one that led him to choose his career path, the kidnapping of his bride-to-be.


A clean break. That’s what Special Agent Ellen Pearce hoped for when she quit her job and moved to back to the rural town where she used to spend her childhood summers. It was the perfect place- far away from the home she’d shared with her now deceased husband- and a chance for her and her estranged teenage son to start over… or so she thinks. First, there was the fire that was ruled an out of control prank but the pranks continued. Then there was a murder…and everything changed.


Mercenary Leroy Devell drew the line at murder but when his new employer “The Chess Master” hits close to home to force Leroy’s hand, Leroy goes from mercenary to bodyguard to protect Casey, his target. He struggles to keep him and Casey alive while he quickly realizes that there is no place for morals when The Chess Master controls the game

Working On


Investigative journalist, Sera Ellis has landed the biggest story in her career, discovering a sham adoption agency whose children had been stolen from parents. However, the press surrounding this story might bury her career if she doesn’t reconnect the families soon. It is not easy. She suspects that she is being stonewalled from finding answers not only about these kids’ adoption but also about the adoption most important to her- her own


Art prodigy Lily Wyatt learned the hard way-the more perfect the face, the greater the flaws. Starting anew in an idyllic town, she tries to ignore her gift but Gavin Kerr makes it tough with his intriguing face and his determination to have her trust him. It’s a slow shaky start but when things fall in place, their relationship is put to the test by Lily’s past. She knows now that she can trust him but does he trust her?


TV Reporter Meeghan Shaw never liked her stepbrother but when he dies in an accident deemed foul play on the NASCAR racetrack, she decides to do some investigating of her own. The team is plagued by a series of “accidents” and she finds herself falling for the one man who had the most to gain from her brother’s death- the Championship cup.




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