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Artist or Scientist: Why can’t I be both?

For a long time, the scientists don’t write and non-science students don’t do math made me feel like I had 2 different people in me – the engineer/problem solver/innovator and the musician/writer- so one side was always being hidden. It reflected in my life as well, I had 2 different social circles and neither knew the other existed. It was quite exhausting.
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As a girl, I lived in a boarding school. I was a risk taker, sneaking out to ride wishing chairs and climb magical trees. Once, I got lost at sea and wouldn’t have made it home without the help of my best friend Charlotte. We barely survived a watery grave. Home in river heights was … Continue reading

A List Of Things In Literature, Music and Art That Are Actually Metaphors For Women

Originally posted on The Belle Jar:
Did you know that sometimes when it seems like men are writing or talking or singing about something, often it is actually about a lady? Sometimes it’s a chick they want to bang, and sometimes it’s about a chick they have previously banged and now have bad feelings about, and…

Role Playing Games: Writing tips from Final Fantasy VII

It’s almost funny that my last post was about not making excuses about writing and then like I jinxed myself, I haven’t posted anything in months. Finally, I decided to post this. It’s something I’ve wanted to post for a while – I created a draft 4 months ago- but I didn’t think/ I still … Continue reading

What’s Your Excuse?

via What’s Your Excuse?. CJ Lyons By the way, this kinda applies to everything in life, not just writing.

Chemical Engineering: Misunderstood

The No.1 Question all Chemical Engineers get from non-engineers is What is the difference between chemists and chemical engineers? Chemical engineers just do chemistry right?   I got asked this over and over again and I truly feel that “Chemical Engineering” is a misnomer. I’m still thinking up a name.  10 misconceptions about chemical engineering Many people … Continue reading

Sun vs Snow Query Contest: Jan 18 Noon EST


Fictionpress:Savannah J Foley

The New Year is always full of reflection and I was thinking back on when I first created a blog (RookieWriter  in June 2009) I  created a blog on LiveJournal but had no intention of blogging at the time. I joined LJ to follow a group of writers from FictionPress who were leaving the site due to plagiarism issues … Continue reading

Online Courses: Career-Focused

I got an email from Coursera basically titled New Year, New Skills highlighting courses to take for a new job/career. Of course, you can also use it to develop skills for your current career or just to learn something during your free time.    

Online Courses: Start Writing Fiction

via Start Writing Fiction – The Open University. I am a huge fan of MOOCs. I love learning, there are just too many things I want to try or get information about. The first time I heard about Coursera was in 2014. Oddly enough, a lot of my friends haven’t heard about it either, so … Continue reading

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