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Artist or Scientist: Why can’t I be both?

For a long time, the scientists don’t write and non-science students don’t do math made me feel like I had 2 different people in me – the engineer/problem solver/innovator and the musician/writer- so one side was always being hidden. It reflected in my life as well, I had 2 different social circles and neither knew the other existed. It was quite exhausting.
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Role Playing Games: Writing tips from Final Fantasy VII

It’s almost funny that my last post was about not making excuses about writing and then like I jinxed myself, I haven’t posted anything in months. Finally, I decided to post this. It’s something I’ve wanted to post for a while – I created a draft 4 months ago- but I didn’t think/ I still … Continue reading

Chemical Engineering: Misunderstood

The No.1 Question all Chemical Engineers get from non-engineers is What is the difference between chemists and chemical engineers? Chemical engineers just do chemistry right?   I got asked this over and over again and I truly feel that “Chemical Engineering” is a misnomer. I’m still thinking up a name.  10 misconceptions about chemical engineering Many people … Continue reading

Online Courses: Career-Focused

I got an email from Coursera basically titled New Year, New Skills highlighting courses to take for a new job/career. Of course, you can also use it to develop skills for your current career or just to learn something during your free time.    

Musings: Happiness in the Present

Source: Musings: Happiness in the Present   I am such a  planner/worrier, I loved coming across this post. Everytime I start getting anxious, ” happiness in the Present ” should be my mantra.

2015 Recap

Reading Sammy Bina‘s (check out her blog Run, Sammy Run) 2015 Favorites post which she followed up with a Picture Review  of the Year(I’m just not that good with pictures),  I figured I’d sit down and take stock of 2015 favorites and put together  my 2016 Mission 101 list (also a Sammy inspiration). So here … Continue reading

Happy New Year- “Just Do It”

Happy New Year! This video is high intensity but whenever you need motivation or a swift kick. Watch this and no more procrastinating “Just Do It” Here’s another video. As we reflect on the past year,  we may be wondering what is our purpose and how to live more meaningful lives. Okay… every year I make a … Continue reading

19 Unmissable Inspiring Life Lessons From Bruce Lee

via 19 Unmissable Inspiring Life Lessons From Bruce Lee. I watched the Life Story of Bruce Lee movie several times growing up  not to mention Enter the Dragon and Fist of Fury.   Couldn’t find the video where he screams Teacher! in Fist of Fury but this works too

Too Young to Watch- Movies I can’t Forget

Maybe it’s because halloween is coming up but I started to think back to movies that made an impression on me because I was too young in my opinion to watch them. They scarred me for sure. Now I didn’t remember the names of the movies, I had to go searching for them, but the … Continue reading

iTunes Shuffle- 20 Questions

So I put my iTunes on Shuffle then I write the name of the song as the answers to the question below. Check it out What do your friends think of you? My Dearest Darling- Etta James If someone says, “Is this okay?” You say? Laundromat – Nivea How would you describe yourself? Geronimo- Phantom … Continue reading

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