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As a girl, I lived in a boarding school. I was a risk taker, sneaking out to ride wishing chairs and climb magical trees. Once, I got lost at sea and wouldn’t have made it home without the help of my best friend Charlotte. We barely survived a watery grave. Home in river heights was … Continue reading

A List Of Things In Literature, Music and Art That Are Actually Metaphors For Women

Originally posted on The Belle Jar:
Did you know that sometimes when it seems like men are writing or talking or singing about something, often it is actually about a lady? Sometimes it’s a chick they want to bang, and sometimes it’s about a chick they have previously banged and now have bad feelings about, and…

What’s Your Excuse?

via What’s Your Excuse?. CJ Lyons By the way, this kinda applies to everything in life, not just writing.

Sun vs Snow Query Contest: Jan 18 Noon EST


Fictionpress:Savannah J Foley

The New Year is always full of reflection and I was thinking back on when I first created a blog (RookieWriter  in June 2009) I  created a blog on LiveJournal but had no intention of blogging at the time. I joined LJ to follow a group of writers from FictionPress who were leaving the site due to plagiarism issues … Continue reading

Operation Awesome: Pass or Pages Contest

via Operation Awesome: Pass or Pages Official Contest Rules and Agent Panel.

Where to Submit Manuscripts: Fiction with African settings, storylines and characters

Here are the submission guidelines for the few publishing houses I found online for fiction with African setting etc. Please comment with others Ankara Press : Website  Submission Guidelines Cassava Republic Press: Website  Submission Guidelines Saraba Magazine: Website Submission Guidelines Okada Books: Website Submission Guidelines

What is the difference between Mystery and Suspense

This list by Carolyn Wheat was a good read especially for writers of mystery or suspense. Number 12 is spot on: “A mystery asks: who done it? In suspense the question is: What’s going to happen?” A mystery concerns itself with a puzzle. Suspense presents the reader with a nightmare. A mystery is a power … Continue reading

What Matters – Introversion

Hello! Congratulations to everyone who participated in NaNoWriMo whether you wrote a 1000, 20000, 50000 or 100000 words of a new novel, finished a work in progress or edited a completed draft. November was stop-and-go for writing for me, I was also working on application essays (wish it counted towards my word count) and December/January, I will … Continue reading

The Writers Alley: Heroes of Austen – Part 3

via The Writers Alley: Heroes of Austen – Part 3.

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