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I graduated today with my Master’s Tomorrow morning is the entire University Commencement. Going to sleep Advertisements

20 Random Things

20. In  4th grade, I auditioned for the part of one of the 3 silly girls in Beauty and the Beast. If you don’t remember who they are, think of the girls wearing identical clothes that oohed over Gaston. Yeah, no one can see me in that role either which is why I didn’t get … Continue reading

Back from the Cruise

Hey everyone, So I’m back from the cruise. Whoop! Seven days flew by so quickly, too quickly. Here are some of the things that happened. I took my laptop with me but I never once used it because using the internet on a cruise is crazy expensive 55cents a minute. Besides, I didn’t get the … Continue reading

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Some Kind of Wonderful Awards

SkoW Round 7 - Winner

SkoW Round 5- Nominee