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The Writers Alley: Heroes According to Jane Austen – Part 2

via The Writers Alley: Heroes According to Jane Austen – Part 2. Advertisements

The Writers Alley: Heroes According to Jane Austen – Part 1

via The Writers Alley: Heroes According to Jane Austen – Part 1.

Must our heroes be handsome?

via Must our heroes be handsome? |. I’ve never set out to make any of my heroes handsome besides when the plot actually depended on the hero’s looks like Sketch Me Perfect  (His good looks are a deterrent to the heroine, an artist). I’ve had tall heroes, short heroes, blonds, dark-haired, red-haired, fair skin, dark … Continue reading

Books I Didn’t Finish, AKA, What Killed it For Me

via Books I Didn’t Finish, AKA, What Killed it For Me – WRITERS HELPING WRITERS™WRITERS HELPING WRITERS™. Wanna check out the rest of the series ? Here are the installments: #2: Characters Who Aren’t Endearing #3: Too Much Going On #4: Clichéd Characters #5: Weak Writing #6: Action Too Early #7: Issues With Sequels – … Continue reading

Creating The Lie

Source: Creating The Lie

Advice on Novel Writing by Crawford Kilian

Advice on Novel Writing by Crawford Kilian This online book has everything a writer needs. See the table of contents below Developing Efficient Work Habits Elements Of A Successful Story Style: Checklist For Fiction Writers Manuscript Format Storyboarding Ten Points on Plotting The Story Synopsis Understanding Genre: Notes on the Thriller Symbolism and all that … Continue reading

50 Greatest Villains in Literature

I just read the original article from Telegraph A lot of the comments made me laugh such as the mention of Angel in Tess of the d’Ubervilles (great book! it was required reading in my high school literature class but if you haven’t read do so ! There were some I didn’t expect to see such as … Continue reading

Writer’s Digest: Crafting Compelling Characters

Here’s an article from Writer’s Digest.  It’s pretty long but good read. How to Craft Compelling Characters April 12, 2011 by  David Corbett To make characters seem real, you need to tap into what drives them. Use this foolproof method to bring the emotion of your story to life. The source and exact nature of the … Continue reading

Character Look-a-like

I’m not sure what started it. Maybe it was viewing other people on fictionpress putting up pictures of their characters. I usually didn’t look at the photo links until I was done reading the story. By then, I had a solid picture of characters in my head and I’d compare with the photo links to … Continue reading

Emotions: The Bookshelf Muse

I've always struggled to write about emotions, mine or my characters. I write in male point of view mostly because when reading books I've always related better to the guy's reactions in various situations than the girl. Why? I have no idea. Although I've been described as reserved and with a need to control my emotions. … Continue reading

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