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Operation Awesome: Pass or Pages Contest

via Operation Awesome: Pass or Pages Official Contest Rules and Agent Panel. Advertisements

First-page Critiques for Mystery and Thriller Writers

via First-page Critiques . If you write mystery or thrillers, here’s a way to get constructive criticism and feedback on your first page for free. It’s a great opportunity so take advantage of it!

Writing Felonies

” A rest is an interval of silence in a piece of music, marked by a symbol indicating the length of the pause.” (wiki) This picture brought on the idea for this post- what writing felonies have you committed? What did you do when writing that first book or when you started writing stories before you … Continue reading

First Page Critiques at The Kill Zone

First page Critiques Send the first page of your manuscript for critiquing. I will! If you are a fan of mystery/thriller or an aspiring mystery/thriller author like me, there are some great posts to follow here.

In the beginning . . . a story about first chapters

I started writing again this weekend! It’s been too long since I sat down by my laptop and I spent most of the weekend, going over the different books I’d written- what was finished, what was stopped halfway, what should probably be discarded, and most importantly how do I reconnect with my characters after so … Continue reading

Packing a Punch from the Very First Page

So who didn't go through a harlequin or mills & boon romance stage? I know I did. One thing all these books had in common was constant awareness between hero and heroine. Looking through harlequin's website I found this. 

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