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Fictionpress:Savannah J Foley

The New Year is always full of reflection and I was thinking back on when I first created a blog (RookieWriter  in June 2009) I  created a blog on LiveJournal but had no intention of blogging at the time. I joined LJ to follow a group of writers from FictionPress who were leaving the site due to plagiarism issues … Continue reading

Happy New Year- “Just Do It”

Happy New Year! This video is high intensity but whenever you need motivation or a swift kick. Watch this and no more procrastinating “Just Do It” Here’s another video. As we reflect on the past year,  we may be wondering what is our purpose and how to live more meaningful lives. Okay… every year I make a … Continue reading

19 Unmissable Inspiring Life Lessons From Bruce Lee

via 19 Unmissable Inspiring Life Lessons From Bruce Lee. I watched the Life Story of Bruce Lee movie several times growing up  not to mention Enter the Dragon and Fist of Fury.   Couldn’t find the video where he screams Teacher! in Fist of Fury but this works too

Don’t Stop Believin

Don't Stop Believin An inspiring post ,from The Kill Zone (a blog by mystery and thriller authors) ,and it isn't what you'd expect. Check it out

Get Inspired to Write

Just a way to inspire me to get writing again, a collage of *very amateur* book covers and character pictures I created for my stories. What do you do to get inspired?

1 month till NanoWrimo

National Novel Writing Month is a few weeks away. I have only participated once, in 2008 and I didn’t reach the word goal of 50K.  I was staring at my google calendar ( I can’t live without my planners- I have google calendar for the schoolweek, the ical on my mac for home stuff and then my regular planner that’s … Continue reading

Willpower: A Writer’s Strength

An inspiring and oh so true post: The Greatest Strength of a Writer: Willpower I started following Nathan Bransford’s blog because of SamanthaNicole (). I set it up so I get the posts in my email inbox which works best for me for everything because it’s hard for me to go to certain websites all the … Continue reading

Chimamanda Adichie-The Single Story

A Famous Nigerian writer that sums everything I have ever tried to explain in this brief video.

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