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5 weeks since my last post! Well for 2 of those weeks I didnt have internet access but now I do yay. Moving is hard. I dont even want to think of what I've bought (there's been a delay in receiving my stuff from Philly- yeah Im going to end up with 2 of everything) … Continue reading

New Apartment

 I just moved to a new apartment on monday and as of right now have no internet/cable or furniture. Nothing there besides boxes and I use one as a makeshift table and my air bed( I’m so glad I always had that now) as my chair/bed. I work long hours. I got home close to 10pm last … Continue reading

New city

Been quiet all summer because I was moving! So I am now in Philadelphia… great city and I need more than ever to buy a new camera after my old one broke last May. I’ve spent the past week settling in my apartment, preparing for my graduate program and meeting an interesting set of people. … Continue reading

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