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Role Playing Games: Writing tips from Final Fantasy VII

It’s almost funny that my last post was about not making excuses about writing and then like I jinxed myself, I haven’t posted anything in months. Finally, I decided to post this. It’s something I’ve wanted to post for a while – I created a draft 4 months ago- but I didn’t think/ I still … Continue reading

2015 Recap

Reading Sammy Bina‘s (check out her blog Run, Sammy Run) 2015 Favorites post which she followed up with a Picture Review  of the Year(I’m just not that good with pictures),  I figured I’d sit down and take stock of 2015 favorites and put together  my 2016 Mission 101 list (also a Sammy inspiration). So here … Continue reading

Music in Books

The books in my to read pile  have main characters that are musicians 1. If I Stay- A cellist with a drummer dad and a guitarist boyfriend (who is in a band) “On a day that started like any other,Mia had everything: a loving family, a gorgeous, admiring boyfriend, and a bright future full of music and full … Continue reading

iTunes Shuffle- 20 Questions

So I put my iTunes on Shuffle then I write the name of the song as the answers to the question below. Check it out What do your friends think of you? My Dearest Darling- Etta James If someone says, “Is this okay?” You say? Laundromat – Nivea How would you describe yourself? Geronimo- Phantom … Continue reading

Philadelphia Orchestra

I got to see the Philadelphia Orchestra perform today!! Berg- Lulu Suite (which I didn’t like so much) Mahler – Symphony No. 4 in G major (which was AMAZING!) Also made me feel very ashamed for having put my music aside for the past 2 years. I need to start practicing again. I have my music books with … Continue reading

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