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Musings: Happiness in the Present

Source: Musings: Happiness in the Present   I am such a  planner/worrier, I loved coming across this post. Everytime I start getting anxious, ” happiness in the Present ” should be my mantra. Advertisements

2015 Recap

Reading Sammy Bina‘s (check out her blog Run, Sammy Run) 2015 Favorites post which she followed up with a Picture Review  of the Year(I’m just not that good with pictures),  I figured I’d sit down and take stock of 2015 favorites and put together  my 2016 Mission 101 list (also a Sammy inspiration). So here … Continue reading

Happy New Year- “Just Do It”

Happy New Year! This video is high intensity but whenever you need motivation or a swift kick. Watch this and no more procrastinating “Just Do It” Here’s another video. As we reflect on the past year,  we may be wondering what is our purpose and how to live more meaningful lives. Okay… every year I make a … Continue reading

Happy New Year- Becoming Writer

Happy 2015! I’m not one for resolutions. I do more of a list of 100 things I would like to achieve during the year. From the serious, getting my professional engineering license and querying again, to the fun like visiting Scotland and sleeping in a castle. Speaking of querying and publishing, I saw this post on The … Continue reading

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