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Writing Felonies

” A rest is an interval of silence in a piece of music, marked by a symbol indicating the length of the pause.” (wiki) This picture brought on the idea for this post- what writing felonies have you committed? What did you do when writing that first book or when you started writing stories before you … Continue reading

Advice on Novel Writing by Crawford Kilian

Advice on Novel Writing by Crawford Kilian This online book has everything a writer needs. See the table of contents below Developing Efficient Work Habits Elements Of A Successful Story Style: Checklist For Fiction Writers Manuscript Format Storyboarding Ten Points on Plotting The Story Synopsis Understanding Genre: Notes on the Thriller Symbolism and all that … Continue reading

Deep POV

I'm not sure if I have posted about this before and if I have forgive me. Suzanne Brockmann's latest book in the Troubleshooters series Breaking the Rules is coming out in a week and I like browsing through her site as she usually has booklets with points for fellow writers. In her ForceofNature booklet, she talks about … Continue reading

Multiple POVs

I do not remember when the choice to switch to multiple point of views in my writing started. I do know that when I started writing as a kid, everything I wrote was in first person. Perhaps it was because it felt natural to write things with "I". After all, essays in elementary school are always about writing … Continue reading

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