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What’s Your Excuse?

via What’s Your Excuse?. CJ Lyons By the way, this kinda applies to everything in life, not just writing. Advertisements

Finding Your Genre

Originally posted on !nk + Engineer:
Finding your Genre I’m curious to know how people pick the genre they write in. Did they explore different genres and then realize “the one”? or do they write two genres with one under a different pen name?  How do you know whether you are writing the “right” genre for…

Operation Awesome: Starting a Novel From Scratch

Operation Awesome: Starting a Novel From Scratch Operation Awesome is a blog I follow, several authors contribute to it, and there is also a collection of literary agent interviews and pitch contests.  

Free Books on Writing

1. Crafting Novels & Short Stories: Everything You Need to Know to Write Great Fiction- Free on Amazon for Kindle 2. How to Write a Great Query Letter: Inside Tips & Techniques for Success by Noah Lukeman 3. How to Land (and Keep) a Literary Agent– Noah Lukeman 4. Book Promotion Ain’t for Sissies -Jenna … Continue reading

Pre-Writing, Planning and Post-its = Scrivener

Pre-writing steps by Romance Author Roni Loren where she shares 6 things she does before she starts writing The first time I wrote a novel, I started out with a summary and I realized about 3 chapters in ,when I kept getting stuck, that I wasn't a "write from the top of your head" person. … Continue reading

Nine Stages of Dating A Novel

This is from Nathan Bransford ‘s blog. Which stage are you on? I have been back and forth between expletive and infidelity for the past month or so.

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